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My platform is quite simple. I believe in content for the players, to promote drunken roams, and to ensure that we stand as one player base. The following points are some of the potential items that I will stand for:

Communication – building a stronger platform that allows players to have their voice heard.
Content – Implementing new and exciting ways for players to quickly and easily shoot each other!
Fleet Commanders – I will stand up and demand like many players that Broadcast commands need to be hotkey’d (You heard me ALIGN TO THE BROADCAST, cause I clicked button) and while I get us aligned I will also demand Broadcast Warp hotkey!

But joking topics aside, these are just token topics that are available. Eve is an ever changing game and i am not beholden to a token issue. I am looking at the fun and excitement that we share together and look to keep this sandbox a viable and entertaining community for as long as possible. With that, I am not looking to stalwart a single agenda topic. I want to provide the community a representative that will be available to speak with confidence on a broad area to engage the player base on areas that I am not a subject matter expert.

As your CSM rep - I am not looking to just be a the Null Guy, That Other Goon Guy, No my friends I am your CSM. Ask yourself W.Not?!

Experience in Eve

I've been playing Eve since 2004 and I can truly appreciate tremendous amount that this game has changed over the years - the excitement from a fight, to that moment of sadness of the loss of a ship. I have lost ships that I shouldn't have flown, I drunkingly given away massive quantities of ships and isk, but still nothing compared to when I joined Corporations and learned that the best aspect of this game isn't all in the game, it's the people who fill in the deadspace between the warps, while orbiting, while flying endlessly to mash a few drunkingly timed F keys.

I think my story is pretty much the same story as the rest of New Eden. One pilot (probably an alt) in the darkness of space, with comms and chats to fill the loneliness.

Real life experience

Hands-on technology executive with experience in architecting, developing, management, planning, and implementation of enterprise-wide application software systems and designing infrastructures enabling technologies to improve the scalability, reliability, and increased effectiveness of an organization.

I've spent the past 20 years working technology in a wide range of industries with the majority of that time in the financial sector.


What are the top three issues currently facing EVE and why?

Player Participation, Easily Accessible Content, and a Unified and Clearly Outlined Roadmap for the Game's Future.

Player Participation - The Players of Eve are the life blood of the game. They need a compelling reason to log in and remain active. Let's look at the metrics of palyer activity, what scales, what's creating creating content for the greatest number and provides a compelling story to the world to promote continue activity.

EAC - Let's strive to make new and exciting ways for players to quickly get into quick skirmish's. Let's review the things that are impeding people from getting out there and flying around new eden.

The Future - the future without direction is a cold and lonely place. The Future of Eve without players is not a future, we need to continue to promote the will of the players and build a realistic roadmap for the future of the game. Let's be prepared to adapt to change, but not at the risk of the entire system.

Why will you be an effective CSM member?

I will bring a many years of professional experience to the table and offer a diplomatic and pragmatic approach to the realities of what the CSM can and can not do. I will strive to enhance the communication between CCP and the Players. But most of all, I will continue to seek to make sure a game that I love and the people play the same game are able to keep coming up with fantastic new ways to have fun shooting at each other for the years to come!

In what way do you think the CSM can be improved?

The CSM should represent the players as a collective voice and will. If there is no compelling conflict causing the players to unite under one banner to burn jita thus requiring a mediation team then the CSM should be the party that facilitates the collective thought of the many diverse groups of players. The CSM should continue to work on building systems to provide a concise method of clear communication between CCP and the Players.

In your opinion, how can CCP keep EVE fun for as many players as possible?

I believe CCP needs to stay true to the game they built and basically allow the players to create content, which means provide players a way to continue to provide content to the user base. It's a bit vague, but the point is simple. We are all playing a customized version of this game the way WE want to play. We all get angry when someone either an Alliance, Corp, CCP tries to impose their will on us. I believe by providing the tools to continue to engage the parts of the game people love then we will continue to promote a healthy game!

If a player wants to get in touch with you, the best way to contact you is:

I'll be in game and on tweetfleet slack.

If you could choose the theme or content of one of the upcoming releases (expansions), it would be:

Player Created Chaos. Providing more tools to the players to destroy more things.