Candidate: Lorelei Ierendi

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I think it is important for people to know what the CSM is, and can achieve. I could not run claiming that I would make all spaceships pink. As a member of the CSM I would not be in a position to dictate to CCP or enforce any "election promises". The CSM seems to have taken a hit in its popularity this year. The scandals have meant that CCP and the Player Base have lost some trust in this institution.

Please take the time to look at the campaign threads of the people you are thinking of voting for.

High sec, ganking equality, New Player Experience are the things I am most interested in.

Experience in Eve

Since the last elections, I have travelled around. Haven't really done FW or wormholes yet!

Real life experience

Never flown a spaceship.
Never mined.


What are the top three issues currently facing EVE and why?

The apathy of highsec players, bots of all kinds and the scandals around the csm... are my top 3,

Why will you be an effective CSM member?

I want to take the time for it, and I believe that I have realistic expectations of what is involved, and what is possible.

In what way do you think the CSM can be improved?

Hard to comment from the outside. I am a big fan of transparency!

In your opinion, how can CCP keep EVE fun for as many players as possible?

Listen to the players.
And for that we have to work against the apathy in hisec!

If a player wants to get in touch with you, the best way to contact you is:

ATM my blog, EVEmail or Email.
If I get elected I will set up dedicated communication channels.

If you could choose the theme or content of one of the upcoming releases (expansions), it would be:

Mining revamp.