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Hello guys!

Yeah that’s another CSM application. So take a cup of tea and relax.

During last year I was thinking about how CSM is working with players and CCP in general. And the more I was thinking about situation the more I was becoming sure that CSM is not friendly and open for common player. What are we voting for? For promises and pink unicorns? Or are we voting for ballots and alliance members? Yes it’s not a secret. That’s what CSM looks like at the moment.

Candidates promise things they can’t deliver, people believe in their promises and in the end we are saying “CSM isn’t working”. I’ll leave promises to other candidates, not going to ruin their business.
Let’s return to the common pilot who doesn’t know how CSM is working, what they are doing, how they vote about new CCP features. Sure, you can always find articles and blogs but if you can’t find all CSM reports or thoughts in 1 minute you’ll get my point.

That’s a WRONG way for CSM

My main goal in CSM is to make it player friendly and open to public.

Blah blah. What are you going to do?

1) Develop the options for better communication between CSM members and players. Players should see what they voted for. How their candidate is voting, thinking etc. For example it can be periodical reporting or thread on forum with offer and result.
Result: Players will see how CSM is working, who they are voted for, and make right decision on next CSM about their candidate.

2) Create CSM reporting gathered in one place. Players shouldn’t spend bunch of time looking for a common and public information. Opinions, voting results, accepted and declined ideas, proposals from each candidate can be included in such report.
Result: Players will see activity and productivity of each CSM member. And they can make their own opinion about each candidate.

3) Develop rules and criteria to assess CSM memebers' activity, with members being excluded from CSM for non-compliance. Combined with reporting it will make the process more transparent for players, and will show true activity of CSM members.
Result: CSM will consist only of active members, who will represent players in best possible way.

4) Improve communication between CSM and players. Yeah, let’s bring back the practice of threads and proposals on the forums where everyone could write his proposal about features in game and then CSM moved it to CCP.
Result: CSM will become closer to players and stop being mythical group of people who are doing something behind closed doors.

I can’t promise you pink unicorns and everything will happen as i wrote. But I’ll try to make CSM being more public, more friendly for players.

Experience in Eve

Playing since 2011
Most of my game life i lived in nulls but had periods living in highsecs and lowsecs, Sorry WH bros i know about your life only on my friend’s opinions, thoughts and reports, but i have wish to try WH living to and understand your troubles.
I love pew pew but it’s rare when I can get in killmail. Prefer logi or unusual or support roles in fleets
Had a period of active taking part in faction warfare. Had experience with old claim and new claim
Had experience with production T1, T2, capital ships and modules
Used PI, and moon mining. Reactions on moons and terrible schemes for P4 on planets are still coming to me in nightmares.

Real life experience


What are the top three issues currently facing EVE and why?

Why will you be an effective CSM member?

In what way do you think the CSM can be improved?

In your opinion, how can CCP keep EVE fun for as many players as possible?

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