Help & FAQ


What is this website about?

Vote Match aims to provide an unbiased overview of all the candidates, their experience and positions in the current Eve Online CSM elections, and to create some order in the candidate chaos and assist you, the voter, in casting an informed vote.

Why should I care about the CSM?

The Council of Stellar Management (CSM) is a group of players elected to be player representatives towards the developer of Eve Online: CCP Games. This group of players is in direct contact with the people developing Eve Online and are able to make suggestions to the developers, give feedback on game features being produced or considered by CCP and highlight problems that the playerbase finds important. They are the advocates that can bring your concerns or ideas to the attention of the developers.

How does matching work?

One of the things we provide is a matching service, which aims to provide you with a list of candidates who have the same ideas about Eve Online as you do!

The matching is done based on a questionnaire of a number of statements about Eve Online. We have collected the answers from the candidates in the CSM election. After you fill in the questionnaire on this page, your answers will be compared to the answers of the candidates.

Based on how each of your answers matches up with each of the answers of each of the candidates, we calculate a score from zero (no match) to a hundred percent (perfect match) for each candidate. You will then be presented with an overview of all the candidates and their answers, ranked from highest match to lowest match.

We use a matching algoritm similar to the one used on the dating website OKCupid - though we use the values 0 (irrelevant), 1 (a little important), 5 (somewhat important), 10 (very important) and 50 (mandatory) instead of OKCupid's 0, 1, 10, 50, 250. For a detailed explanation of the matching algorithm, go here.

How do I know I can trust this website?

Vote Match aims to be as transparent as possible. Candidates can verify that their answers are stored correctly at any time, as well as adjust their stored information at their discretion. All the matching calculations are performed client-side through Javascript, meaning the code for it can be verified by anyone. Additionally, the entire source for this website can be found at our Github repository.

Who runs this website?

This website is created and maintained by me: Valentijn Geirnaert, Dierdra Vaal in Eve Online. I was a representative on the first CSM, chairman of the third CSM and vice-chairman of the fifth CSM and firmly believe that the CSM is a strong positive influence on the development of Eve Online.

Are all candidates on this website?

Vote Match has approached all candidates because we would like to be as complete as possible. However, some candidates choose not to participate. As such, these candidates are not included in the candidate overview or matching.


How to get the most out of Vote Match

We recommend using Vote Match as a first step in getting to know the candidates that might be good fits for you, but not as the only thing to base your descision on. If you use our matching service, we recommend looking at the top ten to twenty percent of your matches, rather than just the few that scored highest. We provide more detailed information on each candidate which you can find by clicking on their name on the match results page, or through the candidate overview page. After reading the detailed information, you can try to contact the candidates that appeal to you the most if you wish to ask them some questions personally.

If you don't want to use the matching service, you can simply look at the candidate positions on the comparison page, or browse through the candidates on the overview page, and go from there.

I am a candidate, how do I make my profile?

You should have received an evemail with your login details from Dierdra Vaal. If this is not the case, please contact Dierdra Vaal and your login details will be sent to you. With these details you will be able to login to set up or change your profile.

I am a voter, how do I decide who to vote for?

If you are not sure which candidate would be a good choice for you, you can use our matching service to see which candidates share a similar view on Eve with you. See How to get the most out of Vote Match for more details on how to best get information on the candidates.

How do I contact the Vote Match admin?

You can contact Dierdra Vaal through evemail.


The following players were of great help in getting Vote Match 2.1 up and running:
  • Mike deVoid - for encouraging a more flexible question format and help with gathering high quality questions
  • Gilbaron and Jezaja- for translating the questions into German
  • Elegbara and Zwo Zateki- for translating the questions into Russian
  • All the players that submitted question suggestions in the various threads